GRUPPOFORNITURE can produce any kind of spring, both with wire (round, square or flat/rectangular section) and tape.
Numerous raw materials to choose:

  • carbon steel ( EN 10270-1 e EN 10132-4)
  • pre-hardened steel bound or not (EN 10270-2)
  • stainless steel (EN 10270-3 e EN 10151)
  • hot rolled steel for quenched springs (EN 10089)
  • copper and copper alloys (EN 12166 e EN 1652)
  • nickel super-alloys like INCONEL, MONEL

Countless possible finishes depending of the operating enviroment, ranging from zinc-flake coating (GeometĀ®, DeltatoneĀ®), to galvanizing, nickel plating, silvering, painting, etc.

Compression springs


This typology includes cylindrical, conical, barrel or hourglass biconical springs; left or right winding direction of the coils; coils can be closed, with fixed or variable pitch; terminal coils can be closed, open, ground or not.

Torsion springs and double torsion

Torsion springs
and double torsion

Springs characterized by the presence of one or two terminal arms, on which bends are made to suit particular needs.
They have one or two windings depending on whether is a simple torsion or double torsion.
They can be built with right or left winding.

Traction springs


Springs, distinguished by the presence of terminal hooks or loops of different types: single, double, central, lateral, English, German, elongated, reported (with hook wire diameter greater than the one of the spring body in the case of high sollicitation and breakage risk), special hooks depending on the needs of the customers.

Springs in strips

in strips

Goods made by tape that can be folded, punched, deep-drawn, stamped with identification codes, according to the needs of the customer.

Springs in shaped wire

in shaped wire

Thanks to technological developments and to CNC machines is possible to create and produce a multitude of forms completely automatically.

Components for lighting and handles

Components for lighting
and handles

These are the areas where the company is highly specialized.
We provide: toothed rings, springs for recessed spotlights, springs for glass sealing, handle springs, Archimede's spiral spring with the possibility of durability test.